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DMX-RS232 Interface

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WORLD PREMIERE: Interface from DMX to RS232 incl. SoftEngine

VICOM is proud to introduce the first interface worldwide, which converts DMX-512 commands reliable to RS-232 signals. With this interface a big gap is closed, professionals were complaining about for a long time. Now it is possible to integrate units with RS-232 input into an existing DMX environment. Programmers are entering their commands as DMX values. DMX-Link converts those signals for units, which have only serial input, such as video and data projectors or DVD players. "Island solutions"  with separate cables, power cords and controlers are finally past.


A big gap is closed

The idea to develop DMX-Link was initiated by one of the leading opera houses in Europe - they needed it urgently for a certain production. Their need was to integrate media technology into their existing DMX environment with the general idea to get rid of the "island solution" for video. This gave every production designer headaches sometimes. Setting up island solutions is costly, requires additional operators to run the show and doesn't increase reliability. With DMX-Link programming and handling during the show is very comfortable. Units of the audio-visual world are simple to integrate now and the operability of them are fully guaranteed.

Individual configuration

DMX-Link is prepared for the needs of professional users. The conversion software inside DMX-Link needs to be programmed on an individual base by VICOM engineers. The customer can define which particular functions he wants to use on these projectors and players. We recommend to define as little functions as possible, because the more functions we have to prepare, the more DMX addresses are needed. But definitely we can interface whatever the client wants.

DMX-Link can be reprogrammed anytime. So it can be used later on for different units with RS-232 input.

Plug and play

The easy handling of DMX-Link will be prepared by our skilled programmers. They implement the software individually on clients request. How important the experience of our engineers is shows the following example:

The professional DVD player PIONEER DVD-7300 is well known in the world and has been used in many installations and stage shows. It's realiability and versatility made it a big success.  But controlling it via RS-232 is quite difficult, because part of the command doesn't get communicated by serial commands, but with relay contacts. We take care of this unusual nature and provide a worry-free preparation for our customers.

When DMX-Link is used later on for a different unit, such as a harddisk recorder, we simply need to reprogram the interface in order to match to the codes of the new unit.

Serial commands or relais

DMX-Link is able to execute serial RS-232 commands as well as relay command. Optional 8 relay contacts are available.

2 channels in 1 unit

DMX-Link is also available with 2 channels in 1 housing - in other words 2 DMX-Links built in 1 box. This is necessary when 2 different RS-232 units need to be controlled at the same time. For instance a projector (sources, brightness, on/off) and a DVD player (on/off, goto chapter XX, execute chapter XX). In that case you normally need 2 DMX-Links. To save cost and time we offer the 2-channel-unit.



Commands for projectors

The following commands are suggestions to use with DMX: Switch on/off, zoom, focus, sources (between computer, video, YUV), brightness, contrast, hue, color temperature, lens shift (horizontally and vertically). Of course those functions need to be supported by the video projector.

Commands for the players

The following commands are suggestions to use with DMX: replay, skip, next chapter, go to chapter XX, execute chapter XX, go to frame XX, synchronize with other players.

RS-232 units

Here are units listed which can be used and controlled via DMX-Link:

  • video and dataprojectors
  • slide projectors
  • sound mixers
  • DVD players
  • harddisk recorder
  • room illumination
  • shutter and dowsers
  • CD, MD and cassette player
  • many more

Reprogrammable SoftEngine

If the projector or player which is controlled by DMX-Link, gets substituted by another unit or the entire setup changes totally and DMX-Link is getting relocated, a reprogramming of the interface is necessary. Please communicate with VICOM and let us know, which commands we have to implement. Again, this progamming is based on individual specification.

DMX-Link includes a software converter called SoftEngine. It converts all stings purely by software.