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VICOM develops and engineers solutions on customers request. Those can be build as prototype as well as for small and medium series production.

The benefit for the customer is, that the special fields in an engineering team are occupied by VICOM staff, such as machinery engineering, electronic, mechanic, digital engineering and software programming. In other words the entire know-how is available  right away and doesn't need to be bought externally from other engineers. Based on this concentration of skills and the optimized communication the time period from start to the last day is rather short, which becomes also important in terms of pricing.

Method of approaching complex tasks:
- First, the specialists involved in this project will give expert advice about it.
- In some cases a feasibility study needs to be worked out.
- To avoid misunderstandings a requirement specification gets made up.
- The defined steps of the project gets developed and accepted by the customer individually .
- Final acceptance and termination of the project.


The entire engineering will be planned and designed on 3D CAD systems.








Here some complex examples of our activities over the last years

Development of a video- and dataprojector with 2400 ANSI-Lumen and XGA resolution.
The size of the projector and the technical concept was a sensation at that time.









Development of a complete solution for a complex pavilion at the EXPO 02 in Switzerland. Difficult projections needed to be integrated in an open-air hill project.

Picture: Setup for a test inside the hill








Supplying and installing equipment for the biggest dome projection worldwide (100 ft./ 32 m diameter). For the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut 28 WEGA 1200 projectors were built in a special version.










Development of a high resolution score board with
high brightness for a ice-hockey stadium. Size of the
picture is 12 x 9 ft. (4 x 3 m)