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Noise insulation box

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Noise reduction - indispensable for professional users

Ever since it was a challenge to work with high intensity projectors in a room, which are acoustically controlled. Persons in charge on TV-sets, broadcast studios, theatres, opera houses know what we are talking about.

VICOM develops and builds since a couple of years noise reduction boxes on customers request. The requirements get defined individually together with the customer. No unit is too big or too loud for our noise reduction success.

Description of a sophisticated project solution

Here we describe an interesting  project. The customer is a big theatre and had some tough requirements. We took care of all wishes and features in this complex solution.

The customer owns a Sanyo XF-45 (10000 ANSI-Lumens projector). Conception of customer was:
A.  the noise reduction box shows a great sound-damping
B.  a flight case was built around the box
C.  the case has to have eyebolts
D. removal of the projector should be possible anytime
E. technological changes at the projector are not allowed

picture: computer aided design with calculation of air flow

Details of a considered concept


To remove the projector you
first unlock the lid of the box...


... then remove the lid of the
noise reduction box .


Finally you have access to
the projector, which can be
removed now.


View of the inside of the box.
Viewable are the air feed and
exhaust and the various
foam solutions for the
different frequencies.

  Eyebolts are built-in also for safetys.
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