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Rear projection systems

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We build rear projection mounts and consoles on customers request individually. That makes it possible to integrate rear projection systems even in smallest rooms. Based on our clients request we calculate the consoles framings for LCD, DLP, CRT or any other technology.

Design and drawings are made on 3D CAD systems. Those workouts are base for the step-by-step acceptance thru the customer. If necessary to make the design understandable to the customer we can create 3D perspectives or even AVI movie files from the objekt. Here you can download an example.


Here is an example for a setup including a CRT projector. The projection beam is reflected by a mirror in order to reduce projection distance.









Rear projection system with a LCD projector. The projection beam is reflected twice (we call that a Z-construction). This guarantees best usage of space.
















On this example you see a big rear projection wall. The entire picture is displayed by 4 projectors, so each one shows a quarter. Each segment fits perfectly to the next one. The entire picture looks great and brilliant..

The room behind this projection wall wasn't very deep. On top of that a tilted roof required to calculate the construction extremely precise. On the 3D simulation in the computer we saw, that there is only one way to build this difficult installation: the 2 upper projectors are mounted vertically, means the beam is going up - redirected by one mirror. The lower projectors are mounted horizontally and the beam is redirected by two mirrors.