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After two years of research and development VICOM is proud to present the new SUPERNOVA 10K. This is a standard-slide high-performance projector with great features. It was our goal to develop a device, which enables you as user to present your slides in a standard not reached by any other projector yet. Highest light output, flexible control possibilities and complete processor control. In other words:

The ultimate high-performance projector

Range of application

Do you know the problem? Your slides do not have any brilliance when projected on a screen. They are not bright enough and do not show any contrast, they seem to be weak and dull - with the result that the viewers get bored and tired.

Obviously your projector does not have a high enough light output to meet today's problems. Which are:

  • The dimensions of the screen are too large
  • There is too much outside light
  • The screen has a bad reflection
  • The distance from the projector to the wall is too far

The new SUPERNOVA 10K has an up to 10 times higher light output than any comparable halogen projector. Due to its metal halide lamp and the new condensor system which is new for projectors this projector reaches a so far unknown brilliance.

High intensity projector     Conventional halogen projector

Best light

The new SUPERNOVA 10K features a brand-new optical system for projectors.

Due to this new optical system there is a perfect dispersion of light, no Hot Spot in the centre or less light in the corners of the screen. With its 10,000 lumen output the SUPERNOVA reaches limits never achieved. This is based on the great performance of the HTI-metal halide lamp.

Now slides can be displayed with a light output, which meets the necessities of today and can be used at conferences or in parallel projections with other high-performance projectors.

Best lamp

With 10000 lumens light output SUPERNOVA achieves new horizons in the field of high power projection. Base for this billant light is the highly efficient HTI metal halide lamp.

SUPERNOVA 10K is equipped with a long-life lamp. This lamp is very reasonable in price, has a life-duration of 700 hours and features with its 5,000 lumen a daylight-like spectrum. The change of the lamp is rather simple.

Processor control

For the first time in the sector of high-performance projectors a processor controlled concept has been realised. All functions are controlled by a small built-in processor.

This means less mechanical functions, higher accuracy and reliability, new features and less maintenance service is needed.

New software features

Due to the processor control the SUPERNOVA 10K features a lot of new characteristics. To name just a few:

  • 3 built-in timers; one for the total running time of the projector, one for the running time of the lamp and the third one can be used for the current renting period.
  • Running times are also documented with the number of ignitions of the lamp.
  • Error analysing is supported by the display.
  • Temperatures in the room, inside the projector and inside the power supply are displayed.
  • The timer can be adjusted in minutes and seconds.

This and many more features are available.

The three versions of SUPERNOVA 10K

SUPERNOVA 10K Standard
is a projector for single projections i. e. there is the strong light output mentioned above, each slide can be addressed separately (random access), however fading is not possible.

is like the above-mentioned Standard edition, however it has an additional shutter device (dowser) with various control possibilities.

is generally the same as the above mentioned Digital edition but contains also an interface to access DMX-512 data signal.

Inputs and connections

  • Remote control for cable or infra-red (Standard or Digital version) 
  • RS 232 computer control (Standard or Digital version) 
  • P-bus data access for fading (Digital version) 
  • DMX-512 data input for light controllers
  • Analogue 12-pole connection for control devices by Dataton, AVL, Arion, Baessgen, Stumpfl, Electrosonic etc. (Digital version)

Software updates

To keep your projector up to the latest standards you can obtain the latest software from the VICOM-homepage and transfer it to your projector.

Advantages, advantages, advantages ....

Compare the new SUPERNOVA 10K to the predecessor SUPERNOVA 5000

Modell SUPERNOVA 10K Standard
Your advantage: Light output The light output was raised to 10,000 lumen(so far 5,000 lumen).
Your advantage: Light uniformity 10K features a very even light dispersion across the entire projection. The evenness from the centre to the margin is 85 %. No Hot Spot to be seen.
Your advantage: Design The projector is made of one single casing i. e. the casing has no disturbing corners and angles.
Your advantage: Noise 10K is less noisy. It was obtained by using less ventilators and the ventilators used are built into the casing with a more effective sound insulation
Your advantage: Lamp costs Due to a new optical concept we were able to use a more efficient lamp at a very competitive price.
Your advantage: Long-life lamp Long-life lamps with a life-duration of 750 hours are available.
Your advantage: Color temperature Due to the high quality of the lamp the colour temperature is evenly at 5,000K. Differences like we have known before do not exist anymore.
Your advantage: Processor control The whole system is processor controlled, this means less features are mechanical therefore less defects.
Your advantage: Mountings In front of the lens you find threads so that lens support, a surface mirror, and other devices for effects can be mounted.
Modell SUPERNOVA 10K Digital
Your advantage: Fading mechanism The functioning principles for the fading device were completely revised. Now it is a lot simpler to use.
Your advantage: P-bus protocol The P-bus protocol launched by Kodak is common standard in the 10K Digital series.
Your advantage: Extra slot In order to connect analogue control devices (12-pole socket) you can connect the suitable interface card. These are available for AVL, Stumpfl, Baessgen, and Arion.
Your advantage: DMX 512 An additional card for the above-mentioned insert is available for DMX 512.


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