VICOM, Goeppingen, Germany
Video miscellaneous

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Video miscellaneous

CRESTRON compact control center

color touch panel with integrated control monitor for video, with MSI-rack

15" LCD monitor for video and data
18, 1" LCD monitor for video and data
Monitor VC 33 TV-monitor with 33" tube, stereo
JVC control monitor 10" control monitor
Monitor FR 28 monitor for video walls and exhibitions, with 28" tube
VHS recorder SONY with jog-shuttle
S-VHS recorder with jog-shuttle
VHS recorder multinorm SAMSUNG, VHS cassettes all standards NTSC, PAL, SECAM
SONY UVW 1400 Betacam Recorder
SONY VP 9000 Umatic Player
PANASONIC WJ-AVE 5 video mixer, 2 inputs
VIDEO INTERNATIONAL Converter for TV-standards 4:2:2 Broadcast-quality, converts from all standards in all standards, incl. noise control, 18 db and RGB in/out
JVC and Panasonic professional 3 chip camera with tripod and zoom lense, use as EB or stationary
Sanyo control camera camera with zoom lens
VICOM InfoTec 160 nicely designed rear projection box, bright and perfect display of video and data, 62"(1,60 m) diagonal, complete with projector, amp and speakers
SONY DSC 1024 converter for data up to XGA
UP 1280 Matrix UPCONVERTER converts all signals into XGA, 5 inputs, switchable
EXTRON RGB 109 video- and data amplifier
EXTRON SS200 signal stabilisator
EXTRON GLI 350 hum compensator