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WEGA 1200 - top of the line projector

After 3 years of engineering, VICOM is proud to introduce the new WEGA 1200 projector. It is a high intensity projector with enormous light output using middle format slides. It is so powerful, that professional tasks like projection onto buildings, backgrounds for stage shows, theatre applications, special effects (i.e. projection on water curtains) can be achieved.

Great uniformity of light

WEGA 1200 is using a new optical system for slide projectors. It avoids the famous hot spot and low light especially in the corners. With 82 % WEGA 1200 achieves a high level of light uniformity.

Highest light output

With 30.000 lumens WEGA 1200 obtains new horizons in this field. Base for the fantastic light output is the efficiency of the HTI metal halide lamp.

Now, consequently those bright slides can be used for new challenges - such as advertisement projection or in combination with other high intensity video- and data projectors.

Processor driven

In this field of high power projectors a processor controlled concept has been used the first time. All functions and commands are controlled by an integrated computer. Benefits are:

  • less mechanics
  • higher precision
  • higher reliability
  • new features can be programmed and easily downloaded
  • less costly maintenance

New software features

Based on the concept of a processor driven unit, WEGA 1200 contains many new features. Here some examples:

  • 3 timers built-in. One for the entire use, one for lamp life, and one for the actual (rental) use. The timers are combined with a counter for ignitions.
  • A display helps to analyse in case of malfunctioning
  • Actual temperatures are displayed.
    A. Temperature for room environment
    B. Temperature inside of the projector
    C. Temperature inside the power supply
  • Timer for advancing slides can be adjusted in minutes and seconds.
  • and much more

The 3 versions of WEGA 1200

WEGA 1200 Standard
This projector is made for single projections only. Fadings are not possible.

WEGA 1200 Digital
This projector is made for dissolve projections as well as for single use. By using a dissolve unit WEGA 1200 automatically optimizes the dissolve curve. Therefore fadings look very natural and as smooth as with a dissolve of a halogen projector. The dissolve mechanism inside the projector is completely computer-driven.

This projector has precisely the same specifications as the WEGA 66 Digital. Additionally a DMX-interface is built in the unit which allows to use DMX-512 consoles to run fadings, transport, focus, start on/off, global pre-determination of the lamp brightness, etc.


Software update

To update WEGA 1200 to the latest software level, you can download the latest release from the VICOM homepage.

The practical use of WEGA 1200

Using WEGA 1200 is completely unproblematic. Based on its small footprint there is always space for it - even in theatres were place is always  limited. All kind of exchangeable lenses give you the freedom to place the projector where ever you want.

The weight of only 57 lbs. (26 kg) allows setup of the projector without crane or lift.

WEGA 1200 is moderate in power consumption. Therefore a single 110 V power line is sufficient for the unit. To control it you are open to all technologies: remote control, twilight switch, infrared, radio controlled, dissolve controler and DMX-512.


  • Zoom lens 1.2 - 2.0 : 1
  • Zoom lens 1.9 - 3.1 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 0.5 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 0,9 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 1.4 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 2.5 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 3.3 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 4.6 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 6.5 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 7.4 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 9.3 : 1

Please ask for further lenses.


How to calculate the lenses:

This is very easy: The above lenses describe the relation between the distance and the picture width. The last lens in this list provides a 1 foot wide image, when the projector is 9.3 ft. away from the screen.

So, for your calculation you need the distance between projector and screen (37.5 ft.) and the desired picture width (15 ft.)
You divide 37.5/15 - and the result is 2.5.  You can either use the fixed-length lens 2.5 : 1 or the zoom lens 1.2 - 2.0 : 1

Of course we will help you with calculation of lenses. Just call or send an email.




Color temperature

5000° K

18.1" 48 cm
Length without lens
27.5"/ 70 cm
13"/ 33 cm

57 lbs./ 26,5 kg/

Power consumption

1500 watts

Lamp life time at longtime use
1400 hours
Number of slides in a tray
Outer dimensions of slide mount
2 3/4 x 2 3/4" / 7x7 cm
Active slide area (landscape format)
2.1 x 1.6"/ 54 x 40 mm


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