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WEGA 66 - Extreme brightness

WEGA 66 is your key to a new dimension in high intensity projection with middle format slides. The fantastic light output of 18000 ANSI-lumens enables you to make brilliant projections up to 20 m width.

Also WEGA 66 does a fantastic job when the reflection surface is not in perfect condition like during outdoor projections on houses, walls or even sign boards. With "normal” halogen projectors you wouldn't have any chance to make a bright picture under those circumstances. WEGA 66 is approx. 18 times brighter than a comparable middle format projector with halogen lamp.

WEGA 66 is built for rotary slide tray for up to 80 slides. This amount of slides has huge benefits during professional applications. I. e. when it comes to advertising projection: A large number of slides can get integrated, therefore the profitability improves a lot.

For the projection at big events or in theatres the large number of slides is also useful. Many different backgrounds, charts, pictures and other visual art graphics can be shown without changing the tray.

Only long-life components have been used for this powerful projector. All mechanical and electrical parts are very solid and prepared to work for many years, even at long-term uses above the average.

HTI - the power lamp

WEGA 66 is using a special 600 Watt HTI lamp. The great benefit of this lamp type is the high efficiency which means an enormous light output at a very small heat development. By using new filters for ultraviolet and infrared light, combined with a new jet-cooling from VICOM, the "lifetime” of the slides extends enormously. Permanent projection of many hours with the same slide is possible now.

On top of that the small heat development extends the lifetime of the whole projector.

The HTI 600 Watt lamp shows your slides in a daylight spectrum of 5000 K. With this color temperature your slides appear brighter, more brilliant and with more contrast than with any other lamp type.

Optical integrator technology, which normally is only used in big video projectors, provides a very even illumination of the projection. Of course WEGA 66 contains an exchangeable lens system. Short and long focal length lenses are available as well as zoom-lenses.

Three available versions

WEGA 66 Standard
This projector is made for single projections only. Fadings are not possible.

WEGA 66 Digital
This projector is made for dissolve projections as well as for single use. By using a dissolve unit, WEGA 66 automatically optimizes the dissolve curve. Therefore fadings look very natural and as smooth as with a dissolve of a halogen projector. The dissolve mechanism inside the projector is completely computer driven.

This projector has precisely the same specifications as the WEGA 66 Digital. Additionally a DMX-interface is built in the unit, which allows you to use DMX-512 consoles to run fadings, transport, focus, start on/off, global pre-determination of the lamp brightness, etc. .

Standard features

  • Double jet-cooling system for slides
  • Optical filters for maximum slide protection
  • Remote start connector
  • Built-in interference eliminator
  • Easy lamp change
  • Automatic after cooling circuit
  • Connector for cable remote- control and external infrared- receiver, twilight-switch and other accessories
  • LED for slide tray (zero control)
  • Maintenance-free air filters
  • Stand-by-circuit
  • Digital dissolve electronics (at models WEGA 66 Digital and WEGA 66 DMX)

Application areas

  • Advertising
  • Outdoor projection
  • Sign boards
  • Major events
  • Rock concerts
  • Opera houses, theatres
  • Conventions, exhibition halls


  • Weather proof housing
  • WEGA 66-Lift
  • Twilight switch incl. timer. This twilight switch was exclusively developed for WEGA 66. It includes a timer function, which allows to run the projector perfectly as a stand-alone unit for advertising projections. In other words: If the brightness during sunset reaches a certain level, the projector switches on automatically and starts to change slides based on a pre-determined time (i.e. 8 seconds).
  • Magazine
  • 90° mirror
  • Moving mirrors, programmable by DMX
  • Spare lamps
  • Slide mounts for high power projection


  • Zoom lens 1,9-3,1 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 0,9 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 1.4 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 2.5 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 3.3 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 4.6 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 6.5 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 7.4 : 1
  • Fixed-length lens 9.3 : 1


Please ask for further lenses.


ANSI-lumens: 22 000
Color temperature: 5000 K
Width: 45 cm/ 17.7"
Length (without lens): 79 cm/ 31.1"
Height: 26 cm/ 10"
Weight: 26,5 kg/ 58 lbs
Number of slides in magazine: 80
Power consumption: 1000 W
Lifetime of lamps, when permanently used: 450 hours


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