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Weather proof housing

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We protect your projector against climate influences

For slide and video-/data projectors we build weather proof housings. They protect the projectors against bad weather such as rain, snow and heat and guarantee perfect climate conditions inside the box.

The weather proof housing is available in different sizes. Based on the requirements and the technical specifications of the projector, we modulate the design of the entire housing.










Our weather proof housings are field-tested. On client demands we also supply the housings with timer control and twilight switches, so the projectors can run self-sufficient.









View from the rear to the weather proof housing. Clearly visible is the air condition housing, which is controlled together with the heating module by thermostat.











The general setup is as flexible as possible.  So the standard housing is prepared to be used with different kind of projector models.

This housing e.g. is useable for WEGA 1200 projectors (30.000 lumens) as well as for the big video and data projectors with 10.000 lumens, which is offered by Sanyo, Eiki, etc.