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Advertisement with VisGuide - digital signage software

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Advertisement with VisGuide - digital signage software

VisGuide is the perfect medium for the conveyance of advertisement.

On the one hand all kinds of advertisements can be displayed (from advertisement films to spontaneous offers) and on the other hand these messages can be shown at predetermined times.






8 am - 12 am
Advertisement for kids.
Chewing gum, toys... 
                   12 am - 7 pm
Advertisement for families.
Leisure time, furniture... 
           7 pm - 11 pm
Advertisement for adults.
Alcohol, perfume... 




      Advertisement on LED-displays.

Customer information regarding food quality and
offers in diverse departments at the supermarket.

In the supermarket on this picture the turnover during
product promotions increased by 30% due to the
visual information system.




Advertisement via projection in shopping windows.

Even during brightest sunshine, colours and contrast
are brilliant by using the VICOM SunScreen foil.


In the advertisement module the number of replays and the individual length will be stored in a data bank,
which will be the base for the invoice to the customer.



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