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VICOM API-Interface for VisDoor

VICOM manufactures digital door signs for conference rooms.

The API Interface for VisDoor facilitates the direct link to digital signage software of other producers. Thus, the special features of the VisDoor Displays can be used with other room booking software packages.

To ensure a fast and smooth integration of the non-Vicom room booking software, the API Interface is based on a HTTP protocol. For a normal application we need 4 to 5 call-off orders. In case the touch function of the displays will be used, approximately 8 call-off orders are necessary. The functional principle is based on request-and-response.

The function

In a fixed interval (eg 1 minute), the VisDoor display provides a query on a web server provided by the customer.

Touch Applications

The GUI is programmed by VICOM and is in VisDoor display available. Call via pressing the "Code" button at the bottom right.
Now a virtual keyboard is displayed to enter a legitimation code. This must be confirmed by return and is queried via the web server if the code is OK.

After an “ok”, the interface requests the maximum length of booking in minutes. A GUI page will format the available time in 15 min steps (or other increments) on the touch display for your selection.

After choosing the correct time and confirming this with return, a confirmation request via HTTP verifies whether the booking was effected.

The model series VisDoor Elegance and VisDoor Business Line have special features that are also supported through the API interface:


There is a hardware interface in both model versions, with which heating or air conditioning can be turned on or off by software. This means, the temperature in the conference room can be regulated time controlled prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Switching on and off the display

Via software, the displays of both model versions can be turned on or off, so that they will only be in operation during working hours.

LED lighting

In VisDoor Business Line series, the status information for “occupied” or “free” can be synchronised with the LED frame colour (status light) of red to green.