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Conference Room Booking with digital signage software

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Booking of rooms and public guidance with digital signage software

Booking of rooms and the visitor guidance system are offered optionally. It is a professional system
for room booking management to be used to manage rooms for events and conferences, theatres,
movie theatres, hotels, and so on. Connected with the booking of rooms is the time synchronous
visitor guidance within the building. For example, when booking conference room “Donau” from
14.00 to 17.00 h, all the monitors will show the corresponding information, starting at 13.00 h. The
monitors will also provide individual directions to the conference room. At 17.00h the information
disappears automatically from the monitors. At the same time the digital door plate at the
conference room shows the times for the meeting.

The meetings will be announced automatically on displays with individual directions to the conference
rooms. As soon as the meeting closes, the information will disappear from the display.


On info displays arrows automatically
show the way to the conference room
where the meeting will take place. The
setup is dynamic which means that room
bookings will be shown time-related. At
the end of the meeting the information
automatically disappears from the

  Digital door displays name the
conference room, beginning and
approximate end of the meeting. If
necessary, subject and name of visitor
as well as the next meeting will be shown.



  The template for room booking will
give you a perfect view of all meetings.
Changes regarding meetings can be
effected in seconds. Meetings can be
changed without problems. Pull the
meeting with your mouse to another
room or different time. There are
different display modes – the user
can choose between overview of
day, week or month. Thus it is easy
to check free capacities.


Web-based room-booking

NEW! New at VisGuide 7 is the web-based version for room-booking. Booking of conference rooms are possible now only with a browser-based pc system, iPad or smartphone.




Activation of heater / air condition

NEW! Within the option “Roombookings” an additional time frame (e.g. for 30 minutes) can be activated, which puts the air condition or heater into operation. This ensures an optimal temperature in the conference room before the meeting starts

Individual image format for each display monitor

To each display monitor an image format can be assigned individually.
3 formats can be chosen from:

a  Only video/text/movies
b  Only conference announcements
c  The mixed display of both applications


Automatic display of announcements onto several monitors

When booking a conference, the entered data will be presented time controlled on the info display
and on the digital door plate.


Special status for VIP rooms

The bookings of VIP conference rooms
can be seen and changed only with special
rights given by the administrator.

In this way all meetings of the top
management remains confidential.



Catering and media technique to be booked automatically and confirmed by email

Food,drinks as well as media hardware (projectors, monitors etc.) can be ordered individually
by mouse click for each conference. Catering and technicial department receives the order by
email. Changes in bookings will be resent automatically.


Layout, situation and plans of conference rooms can be seen anytime

Already during a booking request, room plans and layout can be seen immediately.
After choosing the conference room in question, an additional window will pop up
with the requested information.


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