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LED special design

VICOM has its own developing and design department.

This is where customer requirements – e.g. mounts, pillars or profiles - are put into CAD drawings. Our safety engineer certifies the plans before the start of production in the respective work shops.


Almost everywhere LED displays can be integrated wisely, on housing facades, in shop windows or on advertising pillars. It is important that brightness and resolution are proportional to the surrounding of the installation. Light sensors automatically adapt to the existing light.

Dimensional accuracy and integration into the given technical conditions will be supervised by VICOM.

Special forms

LED displays in larger dimensions can be produced in special forms. The edge can be round, angled or ragged. In the picture on the left the huge pupil is a LED display.

Integration into vehicles

For integration of LED displays into vehicles special planning is necessary.

Climatic conditions and mechanical impact such as rocking motion and vibration are a challenging task. Flexible components such as extending pylons or loudspeaker systems are possible. Installations like these we carry out exclusively with a certificate of the Technical Inspection Authority.

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LED Displays


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