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Digital Signage

VisGuide is a comprehensive digital signage package covering different kind of solutions. It covers many
fields of activities and offers perfect technicial solutions, but even though the handling is extremely easy.

Customisation can be made on request.


Booking of conference rooms
with catering order,
with media hardware order.

Conferences will show up on
door display automatically.

Sum of all conferences will be
shown on bid display monitors.

Door displays can be switched
on and off by program.


Large display monitors can
be feed and controlled in-

Public guidance system
shows arrows of direction.

Displays all kind of medias
and standard such as jpg,
PowerPoint, avi, mpeg, swf,
videostream, mov ...

Perfect welcome charts.


Advertisement jingles and spots
can be gathered easily.

Distribution to external locations
via FTP works automatically.

List of spots can be edited on
site and completed with individual

10 years Digital Signage with VisGuide

Celebrate with us! We have
two great anniversary offers
for you!

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