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Reception of visitors with VisGuide - digital signage software

VisGuide is THE software to distribute visual information such as data and videos via network.
It contains all kinds of formats, turns the monitors automatically on and controls them as well.

    Welcome              Booking of conference rooms
    Visitor information       Company information
    Guidance of visitors     Digital door plate



Important visitors and groups of visitors should be welcomed appropriately at your company. Gone are the
times, in which even the most important visitors were welcomed anonymously. Today, in the era of modern
communication, the appropriate welcoming presentation should be a matter of fact. Of course, each and
every customer is favourably impressed - there is no better way to start a meeting with a VIP.




In the partition “Welcome” you will find a
prepared template, which has been
adapted to the Corporate Identity of the
company. The name of the guest to be
welcomed and the respective company
have to be entered. You can also choose
a title or even a picture. This means that
the person in question can be welcomed
with a picture or the company logo. After
entering all relevant data in the prepared
mask, the actual welcoming picture on
the respective monitor will be shown with
the “preview” button. Changes are
possible at any time.

Normally all relevant data regarding
visitors will be entered at the beginning of
the work day or the beginning of the
working week. For the secretary, having
all the relevant data for the week, it is
easy and economical to enter the data in
the prepared template. In case there are
changes regarding visitors, the
welcoming information can be altered
within seconds in the graphic matrix. 


 This is how it works:
    Enter the welcoming text and the names
of the expected customers or groups.
    Select now the customer logo or the
picture of the customer.
    After pressing the “preview” button, the
image will appear on the operators
monitor to control if everything is alright.
  Now an information block appears on the
operator's monitor. It is shown clearly by a
well designed graphical interface.
Rescheduling is very simple.
     Arabic, asian, russian and characters of
other countries can be shown as well.


All options for visual presentations

All prevalent multimedia formats for film and picture can be shown with VisGuide. They should be entered
when the message will be prepared, together with the time of the beginning and the time of the expected end.


Text/ pictures for
agendas, etc.

  Enter messages with integrated pictures or single jpg files. Application e.g. in
greetings, messages, weather information, special offers, and others.
PowerPoint    PowerPoint files will be played in the infinite loop. VisGuide can also show
films, which were integrated in PowerPoint presentations. Batch files will
also be played in the infinite loop. This means that several PowerPoint
presentations can be played one after the other.

All the main multimedia video formats can be played: avi, mpg, mpeg, rm,
mov, wmw and even swf-flash files as well as the new mp4-format.
Optionally the movies can be shown in full format or scaled.

TV, DVD and
video streaming
  Real video sources can be chosen here. This could be TV- programs
(CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, Euronews...) or video cameras for surveillance
of certain rooms, persons or equipment.
Flash animations  

Single flash animations in SWF format are possible. Special upgrading:
choose your flash animations and merge them into a play list with a
defined running sequence.

Web sites   Homepages can be displayed. Simply enter the address, e.g.
aktuell. Messages for displays can be prepared externally. This is
important for last minute changes, when templates will be changed at
the last second.
Split-Screen   Different presentations can be shown on the monitor. This means that
films can be shown at the same time as PowerPoint presentations, flash
animations or pictures.


NEW! Slide Show 



Slide Show allows you to select a number of pictures in free order.
They get repeated in high resolution and absolutely jiggle-free in an
endless loop. Dissolve time is adjustable.



    Cinema outdoor advertisement on SunScreen
projection foil
    Floor projection as guide.
    Info display - safe from vandalism - in the
underground parking garage of a hotel.






Info-Displays in Restaurants

The presentation of the menus can be prepared in a fast and professional way
with the help of VisGuide.

Even several food give-out counters can be supplied with individual menus at the
same time.






    Enter the menu for today or another day.

By pressing the “preview” button you can see the projected image on the monitor.

On the monitor of the operator appears the entry on the graphical matrix. It is easy to alter or to reschedule.

The button “outline” shows for each display the plans for every single day of the whole week.



Multi screen

With the option Multi Screen you can choose more freely the design for the info displays. Multi Screen
permits several images at the same time on the monitor.

Thus, flash animations, multimedia films, video live streams, tickers and static images can be
freely combined.

In this Multi Screen the following
is shown at the same time:
picture/text HTML, a video
stream and two tickers.






News ticker

The news ticker is a universal instrument for all kinds of ticker applications and these are very
numerous nowadays:

  • Normal ticker
  • Double ticker
  • Colours for text and background can be defined
  • Transparency and half transparency for text and backgrounds
  • Foreign special characters
  • Different languages (Russian, Japanese …)
  • Input can be saved and is editable RSS feed or simple text input

The ticker concept of VisGuide is unique. The user can choose freely between the automatic
image of a RSS feed (ready made templates which can be retrieved from a web site) or a self
made text as a news ticker. Written text can be saved, activated and up-dated anytime. The
usage of different languages is very easy for foreign customers: Russian, Chinese or
Japanese people can be addressed in their own language.

HD - High Definition

With the HD option the contents will be transmitted in the highest resolution. The image is in full
HD resolution, i.e. 1920 x 1080 pixels. This enables you to display your products and news in the best
possible quality. HD resolutions with 1440 x 900 or 1280 x 768 pixels are also possible.

Info-displays / monitors

All current sizes up to 120 inches diagonally are on offer. High quality is essential. Consumer units are not quali-fied for daily 24 hour non-stop operation. Professional units with long lasting components and well-engineered concepts are of essence. Moreover we offer matching monitor mounts – for hanging on the wall, from the ceiling, free-standing, with or without tilt technology and additional options for external units. These include a mounting mechanism for VICOM Mini Client Computers.

All-in-one monitors

All-in-one monitors contain all the components that are required for VisGuide use. They include the screen, PC, interconnection and additional ventilation in an integrated housing. From the outside no cable tangle or screwed components are visible any more. The result is a harmonious-looking housing which needs to be fixed to a standard wall bracket. The screens are available in 37“, 42“, 52“and 56“.

VisDoor – digital door displays

These digital door displays were developed especially for VisGuide. The design is versatile and can be integrated almost everywhere. Different sizes are available for integration in the wall or mounted on the wall surface.

More information about digital door displays.

Integration of information terminals

Upwards version 7, VisGuide can integrate kiosks and information terminals. From a central control PC new content can be downloaded and the working hours for these interactive devices can be changed anytime. Most of the time, the user handles the terminals by mouse click and keyboard or by touch. VisGuide WATCHDOG restrains keyboard combinations such as Ctl-Alt-Del and the call up of the windows start button. Because of this feature the interactive units cannot be manipulated or crashed by users.

More about our information-terminals.

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