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SunScreen - foil for superbright projection results

SunScreen is a brand new high-tech foil for rear projection. The great benefit is the extremely bright and colorfast reproduction of the contents. SunScreen can display your movies and pictures so bright that it can be shown even during daytime. This is unique!












Normally SunScreen gets supplied by
roll. It can be installed by the customer
himself or by a qualified adorner.






Simply pull off the shield layer on the rear and
stick SunScreen directly on the inner surface
of the window.






SunScreen is easy to stick on the inner
side of the screen window. After use it
can be peeled off without any residue.







Projection in shop windows - a VICOM system solution

For generations it has been a dream for retailers, agencies and decorators to make projections in shop windows. Several problems avoided a successful presentation of projection in screen windows, such as annoying reflections, low light output from the projectors and inappropriate rear projection screens.

Latest technologies allowed VICOM now to design a system, which takes all these considerations into account and which allows very easy handling. With this new optical technology, a brilliant vision can be achieved. Even during daylight the projection is so bright and full of contrast that advertisement and sports or factual information can be displayed.

Special long life components guarantee that the projectors and players can run for a very long time without wear. A software package was exclusively designed for display window use which has a focus on the professional presentation. This package gives the user an easy handling when photos, movies and graphics are brought together. The software allows brand new fading effects and shows a fantastic picture quality. On top of that the software controls the turning on and off of the projector.


The self-adhesive foil with amazing optical features

SunScreen is a brand new high-tech foil for rear projec-tion. The great benefit is the extremely bright and colorfast reproduction of the contents. SunScreen can display your movies and pictures so bright that it can be shown even during daytime. This is unique!

These fantastic results can be achieved by an optical foil. The new optical design guarantees a regular illumination of the screen and is insensitive to disturbing light from the side. This gives the viewer a brilliant impression of the picture, because brightness and contrast will be enhanced to a level which was never achieved before. Compared to rear-projection foils and screens “of traditional kind” SunScreen can be used during daytime and with a correct set-up even during sunshine. SunScreen comes supplied with an adhesive layer on the rear side, so the foil can be stuck on the inner surface of the screen window. Of course, SunScreen can be removed from the screen without leaving glue pads on the window.


Anti-Reflex Coating

A further component in this integrated concept is the anti-reflex-coating by VICOM. Everyone knows about the problem of reflecting windows. Especially on bright and sunny days, the viewer rather sees himself in the screen window instead of the displayed information. Not to mention any kind of projections. In combination with SunScreen, the anti-reflex-coating provides an almost complete de-reflection. Despite the position of the viewer, from the side or straight from the front, the projection can be seen without any disturbing reflection and the advertising message can be understood without any problem.


Comparing of a screen window projec-tion in reality.
Left without anti-reflex-coating.


 Same location now with anti-reflex-coating. The
difference can be seen in those original, un-retouched


SIRIUS projectors - Screen window projector for tough long term use

Screen window projector for tough long term use. SIRIUS projectors are especially designed for long term use. They contain optical and electronical components, which perform better and longer than the ones in “standard projectors”.

SIRIUS projectors are one of the very few projectors, which allow a real 24 hour/7 days a week use. The capability of permanent use documents the quality and excellence of those units. SIRIUS projectors by VICOM have been used for many years in theatres and opera houses world-wide. Reliability has always been the conclusive criteria for those customers.

Automatic operation by software

VICOM SIRIUS projectors work best when used in combination with “ShowCreator Professional” software (see description in the next chapter). This software turns the projector on and off at predetermined times, so no one needs to take care of the window pane projection. If an error should occur, the SIRIUS projector is able to send an automatic error massage by LAN/ETHERNET/Internet to an external address.

Lens change system

Within a very short time lenses can be changed at these projectors. These allows the retailer to change decoration without problems or to use the projector at a different location. With those feature the user has an enormous flexibility. For instance he can move the projector spontaneously from the window pane and use it for another kind of presentation, such as an exhibi-tion.

Additional security with maintenance contract

For maximum security we offer maintenance agreement for entire installations. For this projector it means that preventive activities, such as filter cleaning, lamp change and exchange of expend-able parts will be done before any kind of malfunctioning will occur.



ShowCreator Software - THE presentation software especially made for shop windows

ShowCreator Professional is a special software, which was designed especially for window display presentation. It contains unique features to make a shop window projection a success. The handling is very simple. Thus every user and retailer who is creating a new program or updating an existing presentation can handle it in minutes.

Many different formats can be applied

SunScreen professional is prepared for using picture formats like JPG and BMP as well as film formats MPG and AVI. With this, SunScreen professional covers most used formats. The individual pictures and movies can fade to the next one with impressive effects, which enhances the attention of the viewer. Individually for each picture, the show time can be specified in seconds. At the end of the new program or your update, you simply press the loop-button to get an endless presentation without breaks.

Effects of a new kind

For shop window presentation, we have developed new effects to support the needs of our custo-mers. Now it is possible to address only 3 items in order to make impressive presentation. A picture, a headline and a text-message is necessary for the input. Instandly ShowCreator makes with those 3 inputs a fast and impressive presentation. Just download the demo software from our homepage and find out how easy ShowCreator can be handled.

Digital signage

According to the time of the day predetermined loops can be programmed. For instance: in the morning until 12:30 am for school kids, in the afternoon another programm for teens and in the evening advertisements for adults.

Projector control

In the professional version one feature turns the projector on and off. Individually for each day, start and ending time of projection can be determined. In other words, for individual days like Sundays, public holidays, city celebrations and so on, starting times can be adjusted individually.

Download demoversion of ShowCreator

This download shows you all effects and features of ShowCreator. The only limitation this demoversion has is the limited time to run your final presentation.  Remark: To run this program you need to have a flash player installed. If it is not yet on your system you can download and install it free of charge from:

Comfortable menues guarantee
an easy handling







Touchpanels for interactivity

SunScreen is a perfect platform for projected touch panels, which means that contents can be recalled interactively. In the example on the left, used cars can be selected from a data bank by pressing a button. The design will change and by pressing other buttons, more detailed information about the cars can be shown.

This kind of technology is also a perfect media to displayfpr examples houses and apartments. The customer is in the position to alternate between different infomation levels.









Exhibitions, galleries and presentation rooms

The fantastic projection quality of SunScreen is the base to integrate this technology in bright environments like booths during exhibitions. For applications like this, the SunScreen foil will be stuck to an acrylic glass. The example on the right side clearly shows the benefit of SunScreen: the entire booth is open and the projection can be shown without ambient light protection at the projection wall.








Of course, SunScreen can also be used for indoor applications. Application fields are museums, conference rooms, show rooms, amusement parks and much more wherever high quality and bright images are important, SunScreen is the right material to project onto. In the example on the left, the reception area of a big industrial company was completely redesigned. An impressive 6 m (18 feet) wide panoramic projection inform the customers about products and philosophy of the company in comfortable surrounding








In some display windows, galleries or any inside display locations, there is no chance to install a rear projection. In those cases there are different ways possible to install impressive projections. In the example on the right, the distance between projector and screen was only 26 cm (12 inches). This proved that we have solutions even for display windows with extreme small depth.












Purchasing SunScreen

SunScreen ca be purchased in different forms. Most common are orders off the roll. SunScreen will be cut precisely to the messures of the customer. Those can be standard sizes as follows.

Standard sizes in 4:3 format
Diagonal              Width        Height    Width mm   Height mm

V128"                   102.3"       76.8"       2600              1950
V118" 94.5" 70.9" 2400 1800
V98" 78.7" 59" 2000  1500
V72" 57.5"


1460 1100
V67" 53.9" 40.5" 1370 1030
V60" 48" 36" 1220 915 
V50" 39.4" 29.5" 1000 750
V40" 31.5" 23.6" 800 600
V37" 29.5" 22.2" 750 563

Standard sizes in 16:9 format
Diagonal                 Width        Height   Width mm     Height mm

HD158"                    137.8"    76.8"      3500                 1950
HD150" 129.9" 72.8" 3300 1850
HD140"   122" 68.2" 3100 1743
HD130" 112.6" 63.3" 2860 1608
HD120" 104.3" 58.7" 2650 1490
HD110" 95.7" 53.8" 2430 1366
HD100" 87.4" 49.1" 2220 1248


78.3" 44" 1990 1119
HD80" 69.7" 39.2" 1770 995


61" 34.3" 1550 872
HD60" 52" 29.2" 1320 742

Other sizes are possible. We'd be happy to serve you with custom sizes.

Download of literature

Click here to download a brochure of SunScreen in pdf-format.

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