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FormatChanger - We change from landscape to portrait format optically


The VICOM Format Changer optically changes the format from landscape to portrait. This is a
necessity during
numerous projections at events and advertisements. Many users turn their
projector by 90° onto the side. This, however, can lead to cooling problems and a problem in
stability, due to missing adjustment legs. Many producers of projectors prohibit projection on the


Optical change of format

The Format Changer, developed by VICOM, can be used for slide, video and data projectors. The Format Changer
is placed in front of the lens and changes the picture from landscape to portrait. The quality of the picture will not
be affected.


Different sizes

Format Changer is available in two different models. These depend on the lenses and their different image ratios.
A lens with the image ratio of 2:1 needs another optical component than one with 5:1.

Model                            for image ratio
Format Changer 2      starting with 2:1
Format Changer 4      starting with 4:1
other sizes upon request

What is an image ratio? It tells you which ratio the lens has regarding distance to width of the picture. For example:
the distance of the projector to the screen is 4 m and the projected picture is 2 m wide, the ratio will be calculated
accordingly: 4/2. In this case the image ratio is 2:1.


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