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LED displays for stages, shows or theatres

Stage shows have special demands on LED displays. For lighting it is necessary that the colour temperature can be adjusted optimally to the stage light and the TV cameras. The displays should also have an especially wide viewing angle so that during viewing no decrease in light intensity will appear on the edges.

Extreme resolution - up to 3 mm pixel spacing

LED’s for studio application are being developed.

Today it is possible to have a resolution with 3 mm pixel spacing only. This means that, at a distance of 6 m, the viewer will see a homogenous picture; the single LED’s cannot be identified anymore.

Silence – important for cultural events

For opera and theatre houses and TV studios an especially quiet ventilation system has been developed. In acoustically sensible rooms, noise disturbance by loud ventilation is not acceptable.

Due to these special adaptations, opera performances, concerts and live events will not be affected by noise.

In the picture on the left hand side you can see a surtitle display (6 m wide) for opera houses. The technique has been perfectly adjusted to the program VICOM SurtitlePro.

Curved modules

As standard product VICOM also offers curved modules which are intended for the use of LED units.

These modules can either be used for assembly on the outside (e.g. on advertising pillars) or on the inside (hollow). To achieve creative stage settings they can also be combined with flat modules.

Indoor presentation

Especially for indoor presentation there are numerous effective variations.

In shopping centres, where advertisement is extremely important, our models are very well received. The mechanism between the elements is easy to secure, as well as the electronic connections. This makes installation very easy.

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