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LED-displays, LED-walls and display-screens

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LED-displays, LED-walls and display-screens

LED-screens, LED-displays or display-screens are factual in nowadays media world. Due to brilliant brightness and high reliability they are used in many branches of modern communication.

VICOM designs, delivers and installs LED displays in standard sizes as well as special constructions. Of course VICOM handles maintenance and technical service.

Apart from the above, VICOM offers the necessary software. For advertisement and general information we offer the digital signage software VICOM VisGuide or ShowCreator and for cultural events such as opera or theatre we offer the surtitle-software VICOM SurtitlePro.

VICOM always uses up-to-date technologies and Know-How. Thus, our customers can be assured that the installations always are according to legal certification.



Installation of indoor LED wall at Snipes

The right LEDs for your needs

There are many different LED configurations to choose from for each project.

First of all the optimal pixel spacing has to be selected. In case the space is too big in-between the pixels, the viewer can see the single pixel. This gives a negative impression of the picture. On the other hand, if the space between the pixels is too small, the viewer will not be able to differentiate between the single pixels but the price of the screen will be disproportionately high.

VICOM offers suitable solutions for different projects. For out-door use we not only offer the normal RRGB configuration (picture top left) but also the modern RGB arrangement (picture in the middle). The advantage is the higher contrast and better cooling.

For in-door projects SMD-LEDs are used. They are often called All-in-one-LEDs. The construction is extremely compact. All the basic colours are integrated into one small element. Thus the pictures are very homogenous even from a short distance. SMD-LEDs can be produced at a minimal space of 3 mm and offer a high acceptance even in conference use.

The perfect housing for your application

VICOM offers many different housing variations for your application.

Our different housing constructions ensure a maximum of flexibility, especially in size. The standard version is steel; alternatively we can offer aluminium at a surcharge. The outer casings are especially sealed according to IP65 standard. Depending on the intended use, the casings can be used as stationary version or hanging from ceiling mounts.

Slim-Line housings are mainly used for rental purposes. They are light-weight and are easy to handle.

To minimize power consumption it is possible to integrate luminosity sensors, which dim the system down during the night.

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