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Outdoor LED

Outdoor LED display is normally produced in P10, P12, P14, P18, P20, P25 or P30 full colour. They can also be produced in single colour. Assembly can be carried out on individual constructions, pylons or directly on wall. The front of the outdoor display generally is according to IP65. This means no further protective measures such as glass are necessary.

For critical installations – e.g. close to the sea – we offer additional protection housings to ensure complete protection against salt water. To get more information regarding VICOM weather protection housings, click here.

LED standard display with wall mount

VICOM LED displays are installed directly on the front wall of a building with special wall mounts. The images are bright and vivid, perfect for advertisement. The production of these LED displays is unique in comparison to similar products on the market, because they are made of aluminium alloy casting. This makes the screens a lot safer and gives a long life span.

Sign board for Events

In the shown picture you can see a P16 display in outdoor usage.

It is protected against all kinds of weather such as snow, rain or heat. The aspect of vandalism and easy access for maintenance has been especially taken care of.

Mesh technology for facades

Mesh is a netted display structure with see-through space between the single pixels.

The advantage is that they can be offered also with larger pixel spacing – up to 40 mm. Thus, complete facades can be fitted with LED technique; either for a certain period of time (e.g. for a marketing campaign) or permanently.

On the left hand side of the picture you can see a Mesh with 20 mm and on the right hand side a Mesh with 40 mm pixel spacing.

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