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Surtitle software SurtitlePro - Monitor overview about the easy handling of the program



Main features of the surtitle-system

Most important for a trouble free surtiteling is an effective program, based on the needs of theatres and opera houses. SurtitlePro is a special program which covers these special needs and is therefore the leading program in Europe.

The most important features are:

Very simple handling    Thanks to the clearly laid out and logical structure, even “non computer experts” immediately can operate the program.
Foreign language characters    Font characters of Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Greek and others are educible, so that also abroad surtitles can professionally be shown.
Panic function   In case of an asynchronism between performance and the surtitles there is a panic button, which slowly fades out the projected text. The operater synchronises again with the performance and fades in the text again. The audience itself will never realise this short termed problem.
High-resolution fonts    Lettering in high quality, professionally cut, is being used. Especially during dialogues the use of italicised, underlined and heavy letters is common.
Import of text files   Import of text programs like Word (txt) or other surtitle systems (sst, stp, tvl) is possible. Other import formats on request.
Different kind of fades   There are two choices of fades: X-fades (soft fades from one text to another) or V-fades (fade out of the old text and followed by fade in of the new one). Both are available in different speeds. This feature is being used as an aesthetic stylistic device.  
Multilingual version   SurtitlePro can be programmed that different languages (for instance Italian and French) will be shown at the portal at the same time.
East editing of text   Even during rehersals the content of text or the  chronological order con be changed.



SurtitlePro is available in 3 different versions:

SurtitlePro Standard   The complete software system with all features described as above.  
SurtitlePro DMX   Same as the above SurtitlePro Standard plus executing the cues by DMX.
SurtitlePro Office
  A low-priced version to be used on woring desks only, it is not suitable for projections. Text workout and speeds of fadings can be prepared and controlled at the office or home office and gives the real surtitle image during this preperations.  



Sirius E8 with integrated text area limiter and programmed shutter

SIRIUS projectors E7 and E8

For high contrast reproduction of text a suitable projector with an enormous light output is necessary. SIRIUS projectors in addition possess characteristics, which match the demands of theatres and opera houses.

Programmable shutter
During parts without dialogue the built-in shutter from the SurtitlePro program can automatically be shut off. Then the remaining black light will be completely eliminated, which normally is still visible and distracting despite modern technology.

Limiter for text area
Slide bars are built in the optical path of the projector (also called cachers), to limit the picture to the relatively small area for the text. These cachers can be eliminated by the user. Then the projector can be used for normal video and data projection purposes.

Light output and optical System
SIRIUS E7 is a projector with 7000 ANSI Lumen light output, SIRIUS E8 has 12500 ANSI-Lumen. The lens sysand therefore the text can be shown without distortion even when the projection will be done from an odd angle.tems of both projectors are very flexible, the complete range from 0,8:1 to 10:1 can be used. The projectors also offer an optical shift system, which offers equalisation on all levels

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