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Rear projection systems

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Rear projection systems

We construct and build customized rear projection systems

VICOM builds all kind of rear projection systems based on customers requirements. In a comprehensive
CAD program the projection beam and the redirection through mirrors are calculated and drawn precisely
for direct processing on CNC machinery.


Rear projection systems especially for tight locations


These pictures show a quad-split screen, made with highest precision.
View from front...

... and from back side


Rear projection systems should always be as less deep as possible. That applies to exhibitions as well as to
permantent installations. In the solution above a large quad split screen could be realized only by treating the 2
projection beams on the top position differently from the bottom. The upper ones are redirected by one mirror and
the bottom ones are using 2 mirrors. The final results showed perfect presicion: It fitted up to the last millimeter.
The above pictures show front and rear side of this system.


CAD construction of a rear projection system

All calculations and construction drawings are made on a high-end computer system. It works out machinery plans for the CNC at the same time as preparations sheets with the number of screws and rivets needed.


Standardised components


For fast and effective assembling, a range of standard components is used in our system. In the picture on the
left you can see our T-bar and L-bar.


Flexibility where it is needed

Our entire construction is based on a comprehensive system. All parts fit together and can be used for different kinds of media hardware. Precise mechanics are open for adjustment, so possible tolerance of lenses can be corrected.


Rear-projection-systems on customers request

Set-up of the system follows precisely the requirements of our customers. Perfect calculation and proper workmanship are guaranteed. The example on the left is for a single rear projection screen. The framework is easy to dismantle for transport.


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