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TransVision is a new rigid screen with high contrast, minimized hot-spot and extraordinary colour
fidelity. Developed for professional rear projection users. VICOM engineers found a perfect balance
for the needs of conference facilities, control rooms and other spots of visualisation.

It alwalys looks great!

TransVision in a control room

TransVision in a conference room

No hot-spot
Nasty hot-spots are almost not-existent (depending on the lens). Nobody can see where the projector is located
behind the screen, the projection is extremely homo-genious.

Viewing angle
TransVision achieves an enourmous viewing angle of nearly 180°. Even the audience with a very sharp viewing
angle can see the entire picture.

High resolution
Because of its homogenious surface TransVision is perfect for high resolution projections such as HDTV or slides.

High contrast
In almost all installations ambient light conditions harm the projection. TransVision is optimised for that, because
it is enhancing contrast.

Natural colours
TransVision reproduces neutral colours. Your pictures will not have a change of colour. Faces show a natural skin.

Cost effective
It is a REAL alternative to the extremely expensive screens of other brands. It is a high quality product -
made in Germany, the optical qualtity is splendid and the price is quite economical - simply a great deal.



Frame system

For TransVision a well designed frame system is available.

It is made of high quality aluminum covered with a dark grey (near black) powder coating. The system
is available in all sizes and easy to install because we ship it pre-mounted to your address.

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