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InfoChair - Electronic Numbering System for seat rows

InfoChair is an automatic numbering and information system for seat rows.

In city halls and multi-purpose halls seat rows sometimes alter during the day. To change the numbering of the seats manually is very time consuming.

VICOM has developed an efficient system called InfoChair. It changes fast and easily the
numbering of the seat rows and the single seat numbers.

Clear labelling

Luminous LED numbers appear on the displays. The brightness of the numbers can be adjusted according to the prevailing light of the surrounding.

The numbering of the rows is visible on the side of the aisle seats on a large display. The displays are distinctive in dark and bright surrounding. The numbering of the single seats is effected automatically in sequence, starting from the aisle seat.

High quality

All components are designed to be long-lived. This applies especially to the luminous numbers and the integrated electronic parts for control and receiver as well as the transmitter components. The chair displays can easily be re-programmed.

Concept of the electronic seat-numbering-system

InfoChair is based on a completely new concept, which is easy to handle and offers maximum security to the user. Handling of the chairs can be carried out as if without electronic display. Assembly and disassembly will remain the same. The contacts will automatically be established as soon as the chairs are connected. The chairs themselves do not have batteries or accumulators and thus have not to be charged. As soon as the chairs are assembled, the row modules are snapped onto the seat connectors on the left and right hand side of the chair rows. They contain high-performance rechargeable batteries, effect data and remote control communication. The remote control manages the complete InfoChair System: turn on, off or to standby, adaptation of the display brightness, definition of numbering system and much more.



Remote control

The remote control is equipped with a touch pad and allows the intuitive handling of the complete set-up. The operating distance is up to 70 m and can be upgraded by repeater if necessary, so that even angled halls can be operated completely by remote control.

Important features of the system

  • Control of brightness
    Brightness of the chair displays can be controlled by remote control. Light nuances can be pre-programmed and easily changed by remote control.
  • On, off, standby
    By remote control, the complete InfoChair System can be turned on, off or to standby.
  • Numbering system
    This is where the numbering of the seat rows will be defined. There are many halls where, due to the floor plan, more than one block will begin with row no. 1. InfoChair can solve this problem.
  • Updates
    In case of software updates, only the remote control will be exchanged for a new model. Row modules and chairs do not have to be changed.

Transmission of signals

Data communication and electricity flow within the seat rows are effected solely via electrical contact plug. This contact plug is integrated within the chair connector and thus completely protected from the visitors. They cannot see the contacts or touch them. This means they are completely safe from vandalism or accidental damages. VICOM decided to use the contact plug system, because in large halls or theatres very often problems arise when using remote controlled systems. Technical difficulties can happen sporadically and the reasons cannot be found. For example, a hall is occupied with approx. 1000 visitors (this means approx. 700 mobile phones). Dysfunctions due to the mobile phones cannot be detected anymore by the technicians on the next day.

Row modules

The slip-on row connectors comprise all operative functions of the InfoChair System:

  • communication by remote control
  • small control CPU
  • high-performance rechargeable batteries for the complete seat rows

They are snapped onto the seat connectors on the left and right hand side of the seat rows. They can only be removed by special key. The display for the seat rows is slanted and can easily be read by passing visitors. The numbers within an InfoChair system are actively luminous components. VICOM uses an extremely low-current technique. The design of the numbers is very distinct. The luminosity can be regulated by remote control. While visitors are entering the hall at bright light, the displays are turned onto high light intensity. During the performance the brightness of the displays will be reduced.

Charging station for power supply unit

There are two contacts on the back side of the row modules. After inserting the modules into the charging station, a LED will confirm contact. Another LED will indicate the charging process. As soon as the module is fully charged, the green LED will turn off. The charging station is designed to hold 26 row modules and a remote control. The station can be placed on a platform or mounted on a wall. Apart from that the charging station is a visual means of control for the user regarding the complete number of row modules.


General system

Number of chairs



Made in Germany

Row module

Display numbering 
Display size
Battery usage time
  (extend version) 
  (standard version) 
Remove from chair


1-99 and A - F
24 x 16 mm

7 days (full duty rated)
4 days (full duty rated)
by key only

Seat module

Display numbering
Display size
Akku/ Batteries


18 x 12 mm

Radio remote control

Software extendable
Menu structure


numbering systematics;
brightness control; zones.

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