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Security of the digital signage software VisGuide

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Security of the digital signage software

Handshake control of the displays
In most cases of Digital Signage Systems there is no direct visual control to the single displays;
therefore it is most important that the attached monitors and displays function reliably. VisGuide
checks factually the data transfer as well as hardware and software functions via active confirmation.
In case of default, the user receives an error message on his computer.

Alternatively the e-mail address of the administrator can be stored; in case of problems he will
automatically receive an e-mail.

The VisGuide safety concept is extremely comprehensive. Even when the cleaning crew touches the
power switch of the info display by mistake and turns it off, it will automatically be registered and
reported to the operator.

Integration in companies - several server - numerous displays

Within big firms VisGuide can be integrated precisely according to the necessities for optimal use and
maximum efficiency. Multiuser server and different display varieties will be supplied.

Distribution of information

Basis for the distribution of all signals are
network cables (Cat 5 or Cat 7), a WLAN-
connection respectively.

On this network all signals and control
commands are transmitted: picture
information, multimedia, TV channels,
controls and monitoring for the connected

Most companies already have the
necessary network installed, which
means the subsequent implementation of
VisGuide poses no problems.



Connection to extern sources:
National and international


Advertisement and information will be sent via
FTP to destinations inland and abroad. Usually
the download process will take place during
night. This means new programs can
automatically be played the next morning.

Important for the receiving terminal is that the
contents can be edited, so individual offers
can be imple-mented or prices can be
adjusted to the local market situation. 



In case of fire, bomb alarms, etc. alarms can be shown on the displays without delay with the help of
prepared emergency charts. Complete floors or buildings can be evacuated within a short time span.
This means best security for your visitors and staff.

Maintenance & Service

We have installed a hotline, which can be contacted in case of disorders or problems. After talking to
the customer, the technician determines whether the fault lies in the hardware, software or even in the
net. Accordingly measures will be taken.

Software troubles often can be solved on the phone. Additionally, the technician also has the possibility
to check VisGuide by remote maintenance software.

Hardware troubles can be narrowed down on the phone. Necessary measures will then be taken;
this could be the switch of a defect unit or a visit of the service technician on site. Our technicians
work worldwide.

Service contracts ensure companies maximum security for a smooth operation. VICOM offers service
contracts with different reaction time. In urgent cases a technician will be on site within 24 hours.

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