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Simple handling of VisGuide - digital signage software

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Simple handling of the digital signage software


There is no easier handling.

The welcoming system can be handled e.g.
by the secretary at her workstation. The
layout of the single charts has already been
prepared in templates.

Therefore it is easy to enter name of visitors,
pictures, menus, agendas etc. and send
them with one click of the mouse to the
respective or to all presentation media.




Programmable times to switch monitors on and off

Schedules for the usage of monitors can be implemented easily for each monitor individually.
Sundays and public holidays are considered, so the operation times for the monitors can be


Flexible rights management

Rights management is an important subject regarding such a system. Many employees have access
to the system. Certain areas have to be secured and violation has to be prevented.

All employees receive individual rights for reading and making changes in bookings. Of course this is
only possible via a password.

VIP rooms
A special protection system exists for the so-called VIP rooms. VIP rooms are conference rooms of
the upper management such as corporate executives or corporate management. When setting up
VisGuide for these rooms they will already be classified as VIP rooms. Thus only persons with special
permission will be able to look into the setup and make bookings.


Access with external programs

In large organisations it is common that marketing
people book their appointments in external programs.
This means, appointments, participating staff, external
participants and rooms will be coordinated and booked
via Microsoft Outlook (in connection with Exchange-
Server) or via Lotus Notes. Bookings by Blackberry are
also possible.

VisGuide optionally offers Exchange and Domino
interfaces to communicate with external programs.
There will be no changes regarding the established
method of operation. VisGuide transfers independently
the bookings from the Exchange-Server and inquires with
the responsible member of staff regarding additional
needs in catering, technical equipment and design
wishes for digital door displays.

The data transfer and bookings work similarly
with Lotus Notes and the Domino-Server.






In case of fire, bomb alarms, etc. alarms can be shown on the displays without delay with the help of
prepared emergency charts. Complete floors or buildings can be evacuated within a short time span.
This means best security for your visitors and staff.



Design of templates for the displays

It is important for every company that the design on the monitors is consistent with the Corporate Identity. In VisGuide all templates and images can be included in the HTML templates. This means for the customer that the design of the templates can be carried out by themselves or their graphics designer. Changes in the design of the info displays or door displays can be carried out by the company itself in no time at all.

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