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A new way for slide presentation

Take your Carousel magazine and make your slide presentation the electronic way. Simply take VICOM SlideMagic XGA together with a high resolution video- and data projector - connect the VGA cable between both -  and you'll experience the easiest “slide presentation” ever since .

SlideMagic from VICOM is made especially for the professional market. With its progressive scan camera, it produces an original high resolution XGA signal (1024 x 768 pixels) in an unbelievable quality. Sharpness, brillance, color balance and even uniformity are the key features of this new presentation unit. For projections on large screens duplicates for high power projectors are not necessary anymore, because at this new technology the slide doesn't get strained by heat and radiation.




Projection - all from one

Handling is so easy with VICOM SlideMagic. Now you can make your presentation with only ONE projector. Video, data from your computer and slides can be shown all with the same projector, which is a real benefit in terms of handling and preparation. With the remote control you simply switch sources at your projector. So you have all medias available right away.



Best picture for projection and to save slide onto your PC

SlideMagic contains a special high resolution camera, which produces data in true XGA (1024 x 768 pixels). A high precision macro lens picks up the full content of the slide, no matter if they are in 24x36 landscape or portrait format or even for 4x4 super slides. Brightness, contrast and color get reproduced in a superior quality. Supported by a sensitive automatic this quality remains always for your presentation, despite dark or bright pictures. Of course picture impression can always be adjusted by the user.

VICOMs experience with engineering and production of slide, video and data projectors helped to develop this fine product. SlideMagic represents the highest quality level in this market segment.





Size width/height/length: 20" x 15.8" x 19.3" (51x40x49 cm)
Weight: 58 lbs. (26,5 kg)
Resolution in XGA mode: 1024 x 768 pixels
XGA outputs: 2 on Sub-D (1 for projector, 1 for control monitor)
Slide formats: Standard slide landscape (24x36 mm)
  Standard slide portrait (36x24 mm)
  Superslide 4x4
Data communication: Com port
  USB 2.0

Software features

Scan modes: 4 (thumbnail, scan all, scan selected, presentation)
Picture enhancement: Focus, zoom, brightness, color
Slide enhancement: Flip horizontally and/or vertically
Random access: Yes
Data export to PC USB 2.0


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