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Soundproof housings / noise reduction boxes / covers - indispensable for professional users

It has always been a challenge to use high intensity projectors (which are very loud) in acoustically sensitive rooms. People in charge at film pro-
ductions, in TV studios, theatres and conference rooms face this problem daily. For more than 15 years VICOM has designed and built noise absorbing housings, which are called also Silencer or Silent-Box. The requirements are outlined by the customer. No projector is too big, too heavy or too loud for VICOM.



On the left side: Soundproof housings manufactured for Bolschoi Theatre, Moscow.



Permanently installed in a conference room

CAD based Engineering and Simulation

Extreme noise absorption and sufficient air-flow in the housing are the most important criteria. Thus VICOM simulates the air-flow by CAD on the monitor. Only then VICOM designs and builds the soundproof housing according to customer wishes as unique piece or serial production.

We manufacture soundproof housings for all projector models

  • Christie
  • Barco
  • Panasonic
  • Sanyo/ Eiki
  • Digital Projection

Standard Features

  • VICOM soundproof housings offer an extremely high absorption
  • Perfect air-flow and active protection of the projector against destruction due to heat
  • No structural changes will be made at the projector






On the left: Multilayer foam and precision craftsmanship

VICOM soundproof housings always have a front window of 3 mm acrylic glass. This provides a very good projection quality. A risk of breakage in every day use does not really exist. 

To achieve an optimised, maximally possible light efficiency of the projection – without loss of too much light – we offer optionally a different projection glass. This special projection glass is a double-sided antireflective glass, which will be integrated at a slanting angle into the housing. Thus, the reflections and the resulting loss of light will be minimised once more. 

Heavy suspension

Soundproof housings for heavy projector which need a special technology to carry the weight. Often times we build steel belts into the housing. On 3 sides the steel belts get mounted in milling grooves. The force transmission is carried out by eye lets.

Alternatively to the steel belts is the use of heavy duty lifts. 

Optional Equipment for sound protection housings

  • Protective flight case with integrated soundproof housing for easy transportation
  • Colouring according to customer’s wishes (especially important for installations)
  • Eyelets for hanging
  • Version with wheels and lockable brakes
  • Ceiling or wall mount
  • Adaptation for lifts

serial production of noise reduction boxes

VICOM manufactures soundproof housings in series as well as in individual production. Of course we have the focus on the enormous sound insulation. But integration in a room for permanent installation  and maximum mobility for mobile purposes are also most important.

Soundproof boxes for sound studios

Sound studios need absolute silence to judge sound and acoustic. Noisy 19" units with their fans create a remarkable noise level. With our know-how we can reduce it extremely. In the example on the left we made a "Green Hippo" unhearable (and that was really loud before).

Noise reduction in industrial enviroment

In this example an extremely noisy machine could made quiet. In an assembling hall for medical products this machine disturbed extremely through it's very dynamic hammering sound. After analyzing the acoustic source we engineered and built the housing around.

Sound hood for machine-tools.

By using our soundproof technology the noise level of this milling machine could be reduced drastically. For other machines and noise centers we develop solutions also. Please contact us with your requirements.

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Please click HERE to download literature about noise insulation boxes.

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