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Automatic visitor guidance system

Connected with the booking of rooms is the time synchronous visitor guidance within the building. For example, when booking conference room “Donau” from 14.00 to 17.00 h, all the monitors will show the corresponding infor-mation, starting at 13.00 h. The monitors will also provide individual directions to the conference room. At 17.00 h the information disappears automatically from the monitors. At the same time the digital door plate at the conference room shows the times for the meeting.

Individual image format for each display monitor

To each display monitor an image format can be assigned individually. 3 formats can be chosen from:

  • a Only video/text/movies
  • b Only conference announcements
  • c The mixed display of both applications.

On info displays arrows automatically show the way to the conference room where the meeting will take place. The setup is dynamic which means that room bookings will be shown time-related. At the end of the meeting the information automatically disappears from the monitor.

The grid in the picture attached is dynamic. Right now, it is a 4x4 grid, because there are 14 events at the same time.

In case 9 or less meetings are at the same time, the grid changes to 3x3. If there are 17 and more events it will automatically change to a 5x5 grid

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