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Weatherproof housing ECO-Protect

For more than 10 years VICOM has been building Weather Protection Housings for projectors of all sizes and classes.

The new series ECO-Protect is without air-conditioning unit; however, it offers complete climatic protection for the included technique. ECO-Protect is for the use in temperate zones to cooler climatic areas.

The new housing series ECO-Protect offers compact design, low weight and interesting pricing. The series has been developed especially for temperate climatic areas e.g. Central Europe.
Rear view of a standard housing Weather protection housings of the series ECO-Protect are designed for light intensive projectors of medium class such as Panasonic PT-DZ21 or Christie LX1500. The projectors optionally can be used with a Pegasus frame inside the housing.
View from front/bottom; with fan intake The sensor regulated air control system with an integrated electronic control unit and heating enables the use all year round without an air-conditioning unit. Even with temperatures of “-30°C” there will be no water condensation inside the housing.

Weatherproof housings - Special developments

The system VICOM has developed can be used for all different kinds of projectors or technical units, e.g. machines or control cabinets. ECO-Protect housings can be produced for almost all kinds of application in special sizes. In the housing on the right hand side there are two projectors in use, which were mounted in a stacking frame. The adjustment of the picture on the projection wall will be effected pixel on pixel.





The picture on the left and the one below show a server housing.                      
It has been built in exactly the size of 45 RU. The functional
principle and effectivity correspond to the standard housing.

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