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Weatherproof housings for projectors and monitors

We design and manufacture protection houses for all weather conditions. They are self-supporting units, driven and controlled by an independent thermostat and computer system. Inside conditions like temperature and humidity are controlled constantly and shiftings will be corrected instantly.





On the left: Weatherproof housing with projector is integrated in this glass tower. It’s located on top position.

Monitor with protection housing





Outdoor monitor 60” installed in a restaurant terasse

Weather protection in cold conditions

The application left is quite typical for our weatherproof housings. Advertisement will be projected the entire year, no matter, what kind of climatic conditions there are.



Installation in snow and ice.


Protection in hot conditions





Installation in the desert.

Conception of a weather protection housing for all kinds of weather

VICOM weather protection housings are built according to the latest state of the art. They cover all technical requirements and protect against all kinds of weather. The housing is made of a weather-resistant aluminium frame structure, which is lined with insulating foam. The entire housing can be screwed onto a variety of surfaces. Doors are of course lockable, optionally an upscale vandalism and theft protection is available.

A powerful air-conditioning is individually adjusted to the type of projector and the heat energy output BTU / hr. It ensures sufficient cooling even on hot days. Heating and dehumidification are controlled by sensors and thermostats.

Each weather protection housing has a secured electrical box for hook-up of projector, PC (for digital signage transmission), DVD, monitoring devices, etc.

The powerful air-conditioning system will be adjusted to the type of projector and the heat energy output BTU / hr. It ensures sufficient cooling even on hot days and protects the projector or monitor from damage (even if they are turned off). Heating and dehumidification are controlled by sensors and thermostats.

Optionally, a window wiper is available for the projection window. A rain sensor automatically regulates the interval.

Optionally, a mechanical shutter can close the protection window as soon as the projector is turned off. There are two reasons. On the one hand it screens the inside of the housing from curious eyes and on the other hand it prevents sunlight on the lens during the day. This can be extremely dangerous. The lens focuses the sunrays onto the LCD/DLP and this can lead to extensive damage.

A similar protection mechanism is available for monitors. This is realised by way of a controllable blind.

VICOM weather protection housing MAXI

The weather protection housing VICOM HIGH POWER is the version for the very big projectors such as Christie HD35, Barco FLM HD30 or similarly strong projectors. Ideal for projectors with a light output of more than 25000 ANSI lumens.

VICOM weather protection housing MIDI

The weather protection housing VICOM MIDI is the version for large projectors such as SANYO XF47, EIKI XT5, Christie LX 1500 or similarly strong projectors. This means projectors with a light output up to 15000 ANSI lumens.

VICOM weather protection housing custom made

Of course we also build weather protection housings for smaller projectors - also available in special versions e.g. for indoor swimming pools, with suitable mounts.

We offer turn-key systems including projector or monitor respectively.


Optional Equipment

  • Wipers
  • Wiper control by rain sensor, timer or contact closure (executed by trigger)
  • Special anti-reflex glass
  • Housing in RAL colours




Weatherproof housing for projectors and laser. Installed in a large theme park near Paris








Weatherproof designer housing made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Integration of the weather protection housing into the environment







Perfect integration of a weatherproof housing into a historical enviroment







3 weatherproof housings for Barco XLM projectors for a multimedia show on water screens.

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